Hello? It’s 2016.

Hi Hi! We are back in good ol’ Provo currently watching Grey’s Anatomy (I’m OBSESSED) and settling back into work life & school life (for Steven).  It’s Steven’s last semester on campus!!! So, I’ve procrastinated on this post because I had no clue what my New Year’s Resolutions are.. Then I read my friend Sarah Tripp’s blog – Sassy Red Lipstick on her New Year’s Resolutions and I loved that she picks a “word” to focus on each year. I started talking to Steven about her blog post and a word that came up that day was CONFIDENCE.

Now, it got me thinking.. I want to have a word of the year too!! (Because I could not think of any resolutions besides reading my scriptures daily)… I thought of this word because when I got back to work on Monday, I said “I’m scared” probably about 3 times to my boss. & I’ve been at my job for almost a year and I don’t know why I was scared! But, I know I needed more confidence in the work place.  Sharing this because #vulnerable and maybe this can help someone too!

Anyways, then I talked to Steven about how I was scared to do certain things at work.. and nothing way bad something like my boss said “Go talk to so and so and ask her about this” and I said “I don’t know her, I’m scared” or something like that! At the end of the day, I was shocked at myself for being scared at doing this little thing and miss an opportunity to meet a new co worker. Then this word CONFIDENCE got me thinking.. that confidence can mean many things for the new year.

Be CONFIDENT in the choices that we make in the near future –

Steven and I have NO CLUE where we’ll be after graduation. & there will be hard choices that we will have to make deciding what jobs to take if we have to move, deciding where to live, and the list goes on.

Be CONFIDENT in the work place

Be CONFIDENT in the gospel

Be CONFIDENT in my relationships with friends & family

So there you go, mine & Steven’s New Year’s Resolution for 2016. I’m confident that this year will be one of the best!! (haha get it?)


Lizzie Lin Johnson

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