I’ll Miss You, Los Angeles

Hey LA,

We’ve only been together for a year.

Seems like it wasn’t long enough to truly get to know each other but I’ll miss you – that’s for sure!

Steven & I got married here, in the Los Angeles LDS Temple, a day I’ll never ever forget. Who knew that after a year in Utah, we’d be living in sunny california. I remember leaving Utah and moving to Carlsbad with only suitcases of clothes, not really knowing what the next chapter of our lives would be. I remember steven saying “I’m a California boy, we have to end up here.”

So Steven did everything he could to reconnect with old internship friends to try and get a job in LA.  Well, who knew that he would get a job in LA , with a company that we didn’t know much about.  The same company that is sending us to Boston!

So this blog post goes out to our one year living in Los Angeles!

I’ll miss the sunny weather.

I’ll miss our apartment complex on the “other side” of Playa Vista.

I’ll miss Erick Yamagata – my best friend / best roommate I thought I’d NEVER have.

I’ll miss walking across Jefferson to eat at Sol, Whole Foods, Panini Cafe, ROC, Nice Cream and all of the other delicious restaurants across the street.

I’ll miss driving to Playa Del Ray Beach and getting my fruit cup with Tahine from the fruit man.

I’ll miss those dreadful Culver City Steps.

I’ll miss BBG workouts at 6AM with Stephanie.

I’ll miss street tacos.

I’ll miss driving to Carlsbad to visit family.

I’ll miss bonfires at Dockweiler Beach.

I’ll miss being a seatfiller for award shows.

I’ll miss LA food.

I’ll miss all of my cake photo shoots.

I’ll miss Korean BBQ at Galbi King.

I’ll miss the weekly farmer’s market.

I’ll miss going to LAX to pick up or drop off friends/family once a week !!

I’ll miss taking cake photos on my balcony because that’s where the best lighting was.

I’ll miss the Westchester 1st ward.

I’ll miss the Young Women of the Westchester 1st ward.

I’ll miss those west coast sunsets.

I’ll miss you, Los Angeles.

Thanks for one of my favorite years yet. I’m excited for the next chapter of our lives in Boston. I’m so grateful for Steven’s company for giving him this opportunity to learn and grow. We are truly blessed.




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